UW-Green Bay

UW-Green Bay's Local Government Education Outreach has a rich tradition of supporting local government statewide through a wide range of practical continuing education programs for officials and employees. These programs provide the skills and competencies required to effectively serve in government.
The WMCA can trace its origin almost 40 years ago to the University of Wisconsin Green Bay Clerks Institute. The WMCA provides financial aid to the UWGB Clerks Institute and our own WMCA Professional Education Committee works closely with Institute Director Kassie Van Remortel to help bring one of the best clerk institutes available in the country.
The UW-GB Clerks Institute is one of the pioneering training programs in the United States. It is one of the largest Institutes and offers more specialized training for municipal clerks than anyone in the country. Cutting-edge courses and hands-on learning are just two of the great reasons every Wisconsin municipal clerk should take advantage of this unique educational opportunity. Only UW-Green Bay Clerks Institute provides you with the most in-depth education for your career and staff.
The UW-GB Master Academy provides training for clerks after they have graduated from the Clerks Institute. The Master Academy for Clerks is a nationally accredited continuing education program. The program strives to instill the desire for continual learning and personal development, and encourage participants to grow and extend beyond his/her present level of development.
The UW-GB also provides a Master Academy one-day class the day before the Spring MTAW Conference and the day before the annual WMCA Conference in August.  Watch for details of those classes in our Annual Conference registration packet and on this webpage-below.