WMCA Offers Scholarship to Attend an IIMC Conference

The WMCA Board of Directors voted to put $2,500 in the 2024 budget for an IIMC Conference Scholarship.  This scholarship is being offered to eligible WMCA members to attend the IIMC Annual Conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, May 19 through May 22, 2024.  If you are interested in applying for a Conference Scholarship and match ALL the criteria listed on the application, please fill out the online application by clicking the link below.


To be considered, your Application MUST be at WMCA Headquarters by March 22nd, 2024**DO NOT FORGET to send in a letter of support from your Supervisor.  Your application will not be considered without it!**


Click here to fill out the 2024 IIMC Conference application on-line. The application will be transmitted to WMCA when you hit done.