44th Annual WMCA Conference Scholarships

Join us at the 44th WMCA Annual Conference at the Madison Marriott West in Middleton. Reconnect with your friends you haven’t seen in a year and make some new ones. We hope to see you in Middleton, and if you need a little financial help to get there, please apply for a WCEF Scholarship.


2024 Application coming soon!

The 2024 scholarship application deadline is Friday, July 1th at midnight. The submitted applications will be reviewed and scored for timeliness and completeness and awarded at the WCEF Committee meeting. Scholarship recipients will be notified by email of their award as soon as possible thereafter so arrangements for conference attendance can be made.

When you sign the application, you are consenting to the following:

  • You will submit a letter from my Supervisor, Mayor or Board, along with this application, confirming my municipality’s support of my attendance to the 2024 WMCA Conference.  [I understand that my application is forfeit if a letter is not sent in.]
  • You will answer every question in this application in order to receive the most points possible.
  • I understand that if a scholarship is awarded to me, I must attend the 2024 WMCA Annual Conference on August 28-30, 2024, at the Madison Marriott West in Middleton and I will attend all classes and events from Wednesday afternoon through Friday noon.  (This includes the Afternoon with the Vendors; attending 4 classes on Thursday and staying until the very end of the conference on Friday.)  If you receive a Full Scholarship and do not submit your hotel bill to the Executive Director, you may forfeit your scholarship.   The Scholarship does not cover the Tuesday morning Pre-Conference Classes.
  • You also understand that if I am not employed at the same municipality at the time of the 2024 WMCA Conference, I will forfeit the scholarship.
The WCEF Committee does suggest that you get your hotel room reserved NOW!  If you do not get a scholarship and cannot attend the conference, there will be time to cancel; but rooms may be all gone if you wait.