Office of the Proclamation - 2024 Clerks Week

Where As; professional municipal clerks play a critically important role in local government and election administration, which are critical to the prosperity of the state and the endurance of democracy; and

Where As; Wisconsin's 1,850 professional municipal clerks and 72 county clerks strive to always be impartial in handling their official duties, guided by the overarching goal of providing fair treatment to all Wisconsinites, regardless of background, identity, or political affiliation; and

Where As; among numerous vital responsibilities, professional municipal clerks serve as the official record keepers of their respective municipalities and are tasked with ensuring transparency and communication between the governing bodies they represent and the people they serve; and

Where As; professional municipal clerks also provide essential support in the administration of elections, often preparing ballots, training election officials, and tabulating and certifying election results, and work to improve the administration of their responsibilities through partnerships, collaboration, and participation in education programs, workshops, and conferences; and

Where As; while election administration is never an easy responsibility, professional municipal clerks have faced immense, unprecedented challenges in recent years having to combat continued, unsubstantiated efforts to undermine the safety, integrity, and  character of Wisconsin's elections and election administrators;

Where As; in the face of these challenges, professional municipal clerks continue to display courage, flexibility, resilience, and dedication to their responsibilities and free, fair elections; and

Where As; this week, the state of Wisconsin joins all Wisconsinites in recognizing and thanking professional municipal clerks for the important work they do for communities across the state;

Where As, I, Tony Evers, Governor of the State of Wisconsin, do hereby proclaim May 5 - 11, 2024, as PROFESSIONAL MUNICIPAL CLERKS APPRECIATION WEEK throughout the State of Wisconsin, and I commend this observance to all our state's residents.


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