WCMC - Wisconsin Certified Municipal Clerk

In order to be eligible to become a WCMC-Wisconsin Certified Municipal Clerk, you must earn 100 points in the following categories:

First Category - Education:  You need one of the following:

  • Satisfactory completion of a 100-hour (3 years) WMCA-recognized UW-GB Clerks Institute
  • Masters or Bachelor’s degree or completion of another IIMC recognized Clerk’s Institute. In addition, First Year of UWGB Clerk’s Institute.
  • Associate of Arts degree in Public Administration or related field and Year One and Two of the UW-GB Clerks Institute.
  • Satisfactory completion of a 100-hour (3 years) WMCA-recognized UW-GB Municipal Treasurers Institute and Clerks Completion.

Second Category - Career & Lifelong Learning

You need a combination years at work and further education through conferences, district meetings and other educational sessions taken to support your clerk position.  Open and/or download the WCMC Certification Application for full details.

The following is also required:

  • Be a Municipal Clerk, Deputy Clerk or perform the duties thereof.
  • Be an active member in the WMCA for at least three (3) full years.
  • Reaffirm your beliefs and practice in the WMCA Code of Ethics.
  • For a person without the title of Clerk that performs duties of the Clerk’s office, provide a letter from your Municipal Clerk verifying your performance of the duties which qualify for WCMC certification.
  • Submit the required documentation and the $100 fee to the WMCA Certification Committee by March 1 or October 1.