PEC Annual Education Certificate

This application is designed for annual recognition of your extraordinary efforts for completing education to gain knowledge of the current laws and processes to assist you and your municipality towards a productive and efficient office.
Send in this application on or before June 1st each year and attach the required documentation for proof of attendance.  The Certification Committee will review your annual application and verify the points you have earned. Then you will be recognized at the annual WMCA Conference and receive a Diamond, Gold or Silver Certificate for your achievements.*
*The Certificates are based on the following hours per year:
Silver Certificate for 25-50 hours
Gold Certificate for 51-74 hours
Diamond Certificate for 75+ hours
The Bonus to this program - all courses listed in this application count toward state certification and will be tracked and documented for you by the WMCA!  If you fill out and send in this annual form and documentation, after a couple of years you will have accumulated the required education and life-long learning points for certification.  You will send in the certification application with just a copy of the annual certificates you have received.  You will not need to send in all of the individual certificates of attendance again! 
You do not have to be working toward certification to qualify for the annual certificate.  However, for those of you that have been working toward certification or looked at the certification application and thought it was too overwhelming to keep track of all your education for several years – this may be just the program you have been looking for.
If you have any questions, contact the Certification Committee.