History of the WMCA

The Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association was formed in 1980 and is 1,400 members strong and still growing. The purpose of this Association is to improve the administration of local government and to benefit the City, Town, or Village Clerk, Deputy Clerk or any official having similar duties, by providing them with the skills and the knowledge through which the quality of the services they perform may be improved. 

This mission shall be achieved in a multitude of ways, but the following are viewed by this organization to be paramount:

  • Promotes training and certification of Clerks
  • Promotes new methods and procedures to improve the accuracy and timeliness of duties
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for information affecting the Clerk
  • Advises the membership regarding legislation affecting the administration of local government and elections
  • Develops strong bonds of cooperation with other organizations, individual governments and state agencies
  • Brings about the acknowledgement of the importance of the position of Municipal Clerk.

The Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association is made up of an Executive Board of 7 officers and two Co-District Directors from each of 8 districts plus two Directors-at-Large. There are also many committees. Each comprised of several volunteer WMCA Active Members.