2024 Board of Review Training

2024 Board of Review Certification Class

Wisconsin Law requires that in 2024, before the First Two-hour Meeting, at least one member of the BOR must attend a training session approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue-(DOR) within one year of the BOR’s first meeting, see Wis. Stats. §§ 70.46(4) and 73.03(55). However, DOR recommends training all BOR members by viewing a video and taking the exam.


The 2024 BOR Handbook has been updated and there is a new BOR Exam, which must be completed to complete your 2024 BOR Training.


We are offering many opportunities for the Clerk and your Board of Review members to attend and become certified.  The Department of Revenue has ruled that Zoom meetings do qualify as in-person training.  

Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association

WMCA will offer 2024 BOR in-person training. Watch for upcoming WMCA District Meetings.


Wisconsin Towns Association

Wisconsin Towns Association will provide in-person training that meets the DOR training requirements. This is the link to the WTA website https://www.wisctowns.com/board-training-meeting/ for further information.


UW Madison-Extension, Local Government Education Program

Training materials are available for purchase through DOR, https://localgovernment.extension.wisc.edu/board-of-review-training/.

If you already purchased the 2022 or 2023 “How to Conduct a BOR First Meeting” and/or the 2021, 2022 & 2023 “How to Conduct a BOR Hearing” video, you DO NOT need to purchase a new video for the 2024 BOR Training.


You can get the 2024 New BOR Exam using the New Revamped 2024 Handbook. The Exam and answers, forms and notices are available to download for free through the DOR website.


Questions? Please contact Bill Oemichen at woemichen@wisc.edu or Daniel Foth at daniel.foth@wisc.edu.


Attached Document or FileDept of Revenue BOR Class Choices Click here to see other class choices on the Department of Revenue website
Attached Document or FileUW-Extension Site Click here to go to the UW-Extension site if you prefer to purchase Board of Review materials for individual Board training.