Wisconsin Clerks Education Fund Committee (WCEF)

Chair(s): Lisa Vanden Heuvel, lvandenheuvel@suamicowi.gov

The Wisconsin Clerks Education Fund Committee is responsible for developing and marketing programs and raffles to generate donations for the WCEF fund. The Committee will create and promote scholarship applications to the members for all WMCA Conferences/trainings and will review and award scholarships. The donated funds are only to be used for member scholarships to WMCA conferences and trainings, as set up by the WCEF Committee.



Lisa Vanden Heuvel, Village of Suamico, lvandenheuvel@suamicowi.gov


Jennifer Haar WCMC, City of Madison

Jerri Johnson, City of Adams

Linda Kuhlman WCMC, Village of Brooklyn

Sarah LaValliere, Village of Summit

Racquel Shampo-Giese, Village of Combined Locks

Brenda Ayers, City of Lodi

James Wendt. Town of Watertown

Kathy Kasza WMCA Treasurer, Town of Farmington