Legislative Communications and Advocacy Committee

Chair(s): Diane Coenen, dcoenen@oconomowoc-wi.gov, Lorena Stottler, stottlerl@janesvillewi.gov

The mission of the Legislative Communications Committee is to build relationships with other organizations such as the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, Wisconsin Towns Association, WI Department of Revenue, Wisconsin Elections Commission and any other pertinent agencies to provide expert communication as it relates to legislative matters or proposals that may involve the municipal clerk’s profession and work function. It will be the responsibility of this committee to provide communication and education to the WMCA membership regarding any legislative proposals pertaining to their jobs to inform membership of opportunities to participate individually or to provide feedback to legislators or committee members. It will also be the responsibility of this committee to provide information and advocacy to pertinent agencies and Legislators as to proposed legislation it determines is in the best interests of municipal clerks. This committee shall submit a list of all legislation communicated to the membership throughout the year and legislation worked on with legislators and status of same at the annual conference. The committee shall also provide the number of hours spent in direct advocacy work with legislators during each legislative session to file the appropriate reports related to lobbying activities as necessary by law. Lobbying activities shall not be a substantial part of the Association's work but advocating on matters related to the Clerk's profession may be accomplished by the Association under the parameters stated.



Co-Chair Diane Coenen WCMC/CMC, City of Oconomowoc, dcoenen@oconomowoc-wi.gov

Co-Chair Lorena Stottler, City of Janesville, stottlerl@janesvillewi.gov



Kelsey Faust-Kubale, Town of Clayton

Melissa Hongisto WCMC, Town of Lawrence

Julie Huotari, Town of Woodruff

Gina Kozlik WCMC/CMC, City of Waukesha

Mackenzie Reed-Kadow WCMC, City of Manitowoc

Katherine Reinbold, Town of Algoma

Cassandra Suettinger WCMC, Village of McFarland

Jim Verbick WCMC, City of Madison

Dana Woods, Town of Omro

Kaitlyn Bernarde, City of Wausau

WMCA President Cindi Gamb, Village of Kohler

WMCA 1st Vice Elena Hilby, City of Sun Prairie

Past Pres Ex-Officio Wendy Helgeson, Village of Greenville

WMCA Treas Ex-Officio Kathy Kasza, Town of Farmington