Professional Education Committee (PEC)

Chair(s): Anne Uecker WCPC/MMC,

The duty of the Professional Education Committee is to make known existing programs of continuing education for municipal clerks and to develop new programs as need arises. This committee will cooperate with Universities, State Agencies and other associations to establish courses and seminars for members, which will be of benefit to them in maintaining their professional status and in improved performance of their jobs. This Committee shall determine the educational program for the Annual Conference and shall also administer a Professional Education Recognition Program providing recognition to Clerks for their educational efforts. This committee shall also provide oversight of the Clerks Institute, working with the Institute Director in reviewing course selections and instructors for the Institute.



Anne Uecker MMC/WCPC, City of St. Francis,


Susan Caine, Village of Johnson Creek

Michelle Luedtke WCMC, City of Brookfield

Julie Routhieaux, Village of Greenville

Dana Zelazny, City of Milwaukee

President Cindi Gamb, Village of Kohler

1st Vice Elena Hilby, City of Sun Prairie

Laura Nolan UWGB Ex-Officio, UWGB