As 'Your Professional Link to Excellence' education of the Municipal Clerk is at the heart of all we do, as you can see from the following offerings. Click on a program below to see more information on it.


Have you ever felt like you don’t know which way to look to find the answers? The UW-GB Clerks and Treasurers Institute in Green Bay is a great place to learn the skills you need to be the best Clerk you can be. Any Clerk planning to attend the Clerks Institute may apply for a scholarship to help with the costs. Applications must be postmarked by April 15 each year. All members are encouraged to apply for a scholarship no matter which year of the institute you are in.

In 2014 - the WMCA gave out almost $6,000 in scholarships from their own funds; two scholarships from past presidents for $1,148; and then our generous Associate Members(the vendors) donated $6,188 for a total of $13,113 in scholarship monies. See below.


2014 Scholarships Given Out

Atkisson - SURPRISE-WMCA $689.00
Tom Letko-Memorial Scholarship $689.00
Linda Belongia-Memorial Scholarship $689.00
WMCA $689.00
Bob Ohlsen-WMCA (for 2nd or 3rd yr.) $459.00
WMCA $459.00
WMCA $459.00
WMCA $459.00
WMCA $459.00
WMCA $459.00
WMCA $459.00
WMCA  (for Master Academy) $523.00
WMCA (for Master Academy) $433.00
WMCA Total Scholarships: $6,925.00
Vendor Scholarships:  
Robert W. Baird $689.00
Civic  Systems $689.00
Ehlers & Associates $689.00
Rural Mutual $689.00
Rural Mutual     $689.00
Kerber Rose & Associates, S.C. $459.00
Public Finance Management (PFM) $459.00
Workhorse Software Services, Inc. $459.00
Workhorse Software Services, Inc. $459.00
Workhorse Software Services, Inc. $299.00
Workhorse Software Services, Inc. $129.00
EMC Insurance $250.00
CT Access $229.00
Total Scholarships from Vendors: $6,188.00
TOTAL 2014 SCHOLARSHIPS $13,113.00


Adopt a Clerk

Are you a newly appointed or elected Clerk or a Clerk who would like additional assistance to guide you in your duties and responsibilities associated with your position? Become a member of the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association and take advantage of this program. You could get a mentor to help you.

A Mentor is an experienced City, Village, or Town Clerk, located within your Wisconsin Municipal Clerk Association District, who will be able to share with you the experience and knowledge gained through years of service and on whom you can call when you are unsure how to proceed with a task.

You will be matched whenever possible with a Clerk from a municipality of similar population, geographic location and similar duties.


Becoming a Mentor

If you’ve been a Municipal Clerk for three or more years and are willing to help a new clerk adjust to the duties of his/her position, please complete and mail the “Adopt A Clerk Program” form. Your name will be kept on file for matching with a new clerk from a municipality of similar population and type of duties. When a new clerk match is made, you will be contacted immediately, in writing, so you can begin to offer your guidance.


If you have any further questions regarding the Adopt-a-Clerk Program and how to get a mentor or becoming a mentor, you can contact the WMCA Office or one of the co-chairs of the Mentoring Committee - Sue Finstad or Lois Frank.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Its Purpose and History

This is an award recognizing a Wisconsin Municipal Clerk. Membership in WMCA exceeds 1,300, with many of those members having served their communities in an exemplary manner. You may be one of those or know someone who is. Have you thought recognition for significant contributions to our profession at the local, state and national levels was in order? The WMCA Executive Board thought so several years ago and created the Lifetime Achievement Award. It aims to give credit and honor where they are due.

The WMCA Lifetime Achievement Award is the recognition by one’s peers for a job well done, not just this year or last, but over a period of time. As we well know, the municipal clerk most often serves longer than any member of a governing body, thereby accumulating a record of civic contribution likely beyond that of the governing body. The clerk may be thought of as the silent public servant, but those in-the-know can testify to the scope of that service and its effectiveness.

Among the membership of our professional organization are qualified men and women whose receipt of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual conference in August would continue to validate the award.

The deadline for nominations is June 14th.

Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form
Lifetime Achievement Award Guidelines and Procedures


Lifetime Achievement Award Past Recipients

2014 Recipient  Diane Hermann-Brown, City of Sun Prairie (Pictured to the right)
2013 Recipient Jo Ann Cram, City of Tomah
2012 Recipient  No Recipient
2011 Recipient  Cindy Hesse, City of Appleton
2010 Recipient  No Recipient
2009 Recipient: Russell Nero, City of Wautoma
2008 Recipient: Carol Alexander, City of Beloit
2007 Recipient: Janice Winget, Village of Union Grove
2006 Recipient: No Recipient
2005 Recipient: Sharon Christensen, City of Madison
2004 Recipient: Bernard Kahl, Village of Mukwonago
2003 Recipient: Karen Peters, City of Fitchburg
2002 Recipient: Jane Wilms, Village of Germantown
2001 Recipient: James Villiesse, City of New London
2000 Recipient: No Recipient
1999 Recipient: June Nirschl, Town of Delafield
1998 Recipient: Charlotte Nelson, Village of Ashwaubenon
1997 Recipient: Bonnie Morris, Village of Dousman
1996 Recipient: Jane Kitzrow, Town of Yorkville