Letter from the President

A Message from 2016-17 President Chris Astrella WCPC

Hello everyone!

If you would have told me the Packers would be 1 game from the Super Bowl back in October, I wouldn’t have believed you…but they are! What a ride it’s been, I hope it lasts a little longer. With the start of the New Year, the Association has been busy! Renewal notices have gone out to everyone and Faith reported a record number of you have renewed via CVENT. The Board had its first meeting since October and some exciting things are on the horizon. First, an RFP was sent out for a new WMCA Website, and in February the board will decide which vendor to choose. The board also approved a Social Media policy and approved the creation of an official WMCA Facebook page; two things I’m personally excited about. Finally a Constitutional Amendment was passed and referred to the Manuals Committee that will clarify electronic participation and call-ins at Board meetings. All in all it was a great meeting and I look forward to the next meeting on February 3rd!

January is shaping up to be a busy month for me as well as I’ve had meetings with Steve from the Voter Advocacy Project, will have a phone conference with the President of the Administrator’s Association, a conference call with the League of Wisconsin Municipalities and the 2017 Conference Committee. I’ll be attending the IIMC Region VI Mid-year meeting in Minneapolis to give an update on the happenings of WMCA and create more connections through our colleagues in Iowa and Minnesota.

A little closer to home, I’ll be travelling to District meetings as they become scheduled continue to make contacts with as many of you as I can. I signed 12 Clerk at Heart Certificates and wish those of you who are retiring the best in the coming years (just know we are all a little jealous!). With retirements come new members and new opportunities to welcome them into the profession. If you have a neighboring clerk that is new, reach out to them, welcome them and offer to be a resource. Many times all a new clerk needs is someone who understands what’s going on in their office and someone to listen.

The conference committee will have some exciting changes for the 2017 Conference at the Kalahari, and they are diligently working to make it the best conference we’ve ever put together. The committee is such a great group to work with and I’m proud of how far we’ve come! My email inbox and phone are always open and if you ever need anything (even to have me come out to a meeting for you) please ask! It’s my job to support everyone in any way that I can and am happy to do so!

Finally, I have a clarification to make. Most of you are familiar with the Voter Participation Center and their mailings throughout 2016. I have still been in contact with them regarding what they mail, when they mail it and what their mailings say. However we found I was given some in correct information and I need to clarify on their behalf. They did contact the WEC before sending out their mailing in September, and I was told they didn’t. They apologized to me (and to all of us) for not having the 28 day requirement changed, and for any future mailings they will have the correct residency requirement. If you have any questions for them, or need to contact them regarding any mailings your residents have received let me know and I can get their contact information over to you right away.

Hopefully everyone has recovered from the holidays and is getting back into the swing of things at work. I saw a few of you took a well-deserved vacation to warmer climates, while others hunkered down in the cold at home. Whatever you did, I hope the time off recharged your batteries and you’re ready to keep 2017 going in a positive direction (only 2 elections this year)! I look forward to seeing you all in my travels and can only think of one way to end my note for everyone: GO PACK GO!



  Happy 2017 from me to you!





Chris Astrella WCPC
WMCA 2016-17 President
Phone: 608-446-6480
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)