Letter from the President

A Message from 2014-15 President Karen Weinschrott WCMC

Greetings to All Clerks,

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee held a Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 14th in Madison as a result of the December 2014 GAB Audit Report. Over 100 clerks emailed written testimony to the Committee and 25 clerks were in attendance at the hearing. Kudos to all who were able to participate in one way or the other. I provided written and oral testimony on behalf of the WMCA.

Deceased Voters
During my opportunity to speak, Co-Chair Kerkman asked that I follow up with clerks regarding Deceased Individuals as noted on pages 26-29 of the December Audit. As a point of information, clerks must go into the system and conduct matches, even if a person has been marked inactive. This pertains to deaths and felons alike. Although the number reported with no determinations is quite small with respect to 1852 municipalities, it proves that some are not paying attention to this detail and thus it was an item in this report. If you have not been able to take care of this detail, please contact an SVRS specialist for assistance.

Clerk Certification
The other topic from the report that I wanted to bring to the clerks’ attention today is on pages 19-21 of the Audit Report pertaining to clerks reporting their required election training to the GAB and becoming certified during a two-year election cycle. This is a mandatory requirement, not an option. I would ask that all clerks please check to insure that your training has been reported on the MCT form. Click here to connect to the GAB website for more information on clerk certification and download the MCT form,

Watch the Public Hearing
If you were not able to be in attendance yesterday or watch the broadcast live, Wisconsin Eye does have the taping of the public hearing available on their website. Every clerk should check out what the Joint Legislative Audit Committee had to say, as well as, your fellow clerks’ testimony.

I believe the Committee understood the importance of the GAB in keeping Wisconsin a leader in election administration. Senator Macco stated they are not looking to remove the education and tools clerks rely on to perform our duties. That was a huge relief! I will report any updates I receive. And last but not least, thanks to Pewaukee Clerk and Past WMCA President Nancy Zastrow for sharing her pretzels! (We were in the Hearing from 9:30 am until late afternoon with no break! I'll know better next time.)

Karen Weinschrott WCMC
WMCA President

Clerk, Town of Grand Chute
1900 Grand Chute Blvd
Grand Chute, WI 54913
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