Letter from the President

A Message from 2016-17 President Chris Astrella WCPC

Happy Spring everyone! Finally, and I mean FINALLY I think spring is here to stay and with that comes warm weather, no more winter clothes and BASEBALL! I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer temperatures and getting outside more. Most important of all though I hope everyone’s April Election went great and that we all enjoy the break until next year. I’ve heard there are a few people who have some small elections in May/June so I hope those are quick and the margins of victory are large!

Spring District meetings are scheduled, or being scheduled, and you can find Board of Review Training at most of them. This is a great option not only for you, but for your boards and councils to get trained as well. If you watch the video put out by the UW Extension, you might see a familiar face or two as actors. Remember, you don’t have to go to your own district meeting! If you find an adjoining district has topics you’d rather participate in, or is closer to you, you can attend. It’s a great way to meet your colleagues from a different part of the state too.

I’ll be making the trip to District three to join them for their District meeting, on the 27th and am looking forward to getting back up into the Northwoods. I attended the Iowa Clerk’s Conference this past week representing WMCA and learning how our friends in Iowa handle their jobs. I might have to make a stop on the way home at the Field of Dreams…watch out for pictures!

It’s getting close to the time to elect officers for the Board of Directors. If you’ve ever thought about running to serve on the Board, it’s an amazing opportunity and gives you experiences like no other. Feel free to ask anyone on the Board for their thoughts, opinions and suggestions, and remember to fill out the application packet. It can be found online at wisclerks.org under Board of Directors. Don’t forget to get a letter of support from your municipality and if you have questions please ask! Positions available are Director at Large, Secretary and Second Vice President.
Finally, we have our list of retirees for this month, and there are some familiar names! Take a moment and congratulate them with me, and clog their inboxes while you can!

Judy Demulling Clerk Town of Alden 4/30/17
Sue Stoik Clerk City of Bloomer 3/31/2017
Diane Hermann-Brown Clerk City of Sun Prairie 5/27/2017
Diane Beine Clerk Town of Hermann 5/1/2017
Sue Peck Clerk City of Marshall 6/15/2017

Everyone on this list is super important, but I want to take a moment and personally thank Diane Herman-Brown for her work because she is my Clerk in Sun Prairie. She’s a Past President of the Association and has been the model of what a Clerk is (for 25 years). I will miss stopping in to visit her at City Hall and having her tell me to “put my big boy pants on” whenever I see her. She has been a guiding force for Clerks across Wisconsin and Dane County, and she will be missed by everyone…but I’m excited for her to spend more time with her Pink Princesses (her granddaughters).

Another month has come and gone and I’m so excited for what the future will bring! I can’t thank you enough for this amazing opportunity as your President (and to my boss for working with my schedule!). I hope everyone enjoys these beautiful spring days, uses up some vacation time and most important of all: BASEBALL! I hope your team is doing well so far this year, unless your team is the Boston Red Sox.   Happy Spring!

Chris Astrella WCPC

WMCA 2016-17 President
Phone: 608-446-6480
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)